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ULMA and Mundukide organised a charity trip to Mexico & We have arrived in Honduras!

Mar 26, 2018
In this section, we’ll keep you up to date about what your foundation has been doing, in cooperation with the people who make up ULMA, as a way to channel our commitment to transforming society into a more human and sustainable model.

The kitchen utensils we picked up at ULMA in July have arrived in Honduras. They travelled more than 8,000 kilometres by boat to reach the port of destination, where they were held due to political issues that Honduras was experiencing at the end of the year. The process has been long, but it has been worth it.


Izaskun Vildarraz, Financial Director of ULMA Forklift Trucks until last July, travelled to Mexico from August to November to take part in cooperative projects in the area.


And we continue to commit to sustainability in ULMA ...



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