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New Corporate News, ULMA has something to tell you

Mar 26, 2018
The new ULMA newsletter is a digital publication that is distributed on a monthly basis and sent to our ULMA email addresses. Partners and workers without an ULMA email address will have to give their express written consent that they want to receive it at their personal email address. There are two versions, a bilingual model for our geographical area of Euskadi and a Spanish version for the Spanish branches.

The newsletter includes information about the Group and its Businesses; from the presentation of a new product to the latest news surrounding the ULMA Group. In addition, every edition will have prize draws and promotions for attendance at sports or cultural events. Note that at all times we will know how many of you have opened the email and how many of you have then clicked the link and where, so that we have enough data to determine the most interesting information in each edition, so we can produce more and more information that is most interesting to our social partners and workers.


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