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We offer exclusive advantages to help you buy an electric bicycle to go to work

Dec 12, 2018
In the project that promotes the sustainable mobility of the people of ULMA on their trips to work, ULMA and ORBEA have joined efforts to facilitate the purchase of an electric bicycle for going to work.

The goal is to reduce the use of cars to go to work, thereby decreasing fuel consumption and traffic on our roads and streets. Additionally, we hope that this measure will help alleviate the problem of lack of parking in some places. One more step to make ULMA a healthier, more sustainable cooperative.

What this programme is and what it is not:

This programme is:

  • A program promoted by ULMA to change the mobility habits of some people, so that the bicycle can become a common means of going to work
  • A collaboration between ULMA and ORBEA in the social field, aiming to promote sustainable mobility

This programme is NOT:

  • A way to buy a cheaper electric bicycle if you do not intend to use it as a regular means of travelling to work
  • An ORBEA promotion for ULMA cooperatives

Who can benefit from this programme:

All ULMA personnel who can potentially go by bike to work and who are:

- active members

- relocated members from other cooperatives and TCAs, who have:

- seniority in the Cooperative of at least 6 months, and

- a forecast of at least one more year in the Cooperative.

Offer limited to one bicycle per person.

Read all the conditions of this programme on this link