• Ulma Handling Systems

ULMA's Supervisor Cloud system recognised as a key tool for future industry.

May 12, 2016
ULMA Handling Systems continues developing its new Supervisor system for logistics facilities, thanks to the assistance and recognition received from MINETUR and FEDER

The project, known as “Cloud logistics facility supervisor system” by ULMA Handling Systems will be co-funded by MINETUR, the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism and FEDER, the European Regional Development Fund (registration number: TSI-100105-2015-34).

The project focuses on developing technologies for the industry of the future, that will enable the generation of new Internet infrastructure, massive data processing, and cloud computing, amongst others. Regarding the latter point, ULMA Handling Systems saw the opportunity to develop its logistics facility supervisor system to offer its customers added value in their logistics processes.

The main objective of ULMA's project was to design and develop a supervisor system for a global warehouse deployment. Each warehouse therefore gets a local supervisor system that remotely interacts with the cloud part.

The cloud supervisor interacts with each local element, storing all the data received from each warehouse for subsequent processing and exploitation, to maintain the operational efficiency of each one. Thanks to the remote supervisor system and different types of device, ULMA Handling Systems will possess up-to-date knowledge of the situation, and the status of each warehouse, independent of the connection place and time. Therefore, the development of this system also guarantees the quality and reliability of its customers logistics processes, and can also manage them via the cloud.