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ULMA ventilated facades in the restoration of the fronton de Miribilla, Bilbao

Jan 28, 2019
ULMA provides the best solution for the deterioration of the facade

The Casa del Deporte y Frontón Bizkaia, also known as the Frontón de Miribilla is a professional pelota court located in the Miribilla neighbourhood of Bilbao. It was inaugurated in 2011 and with its 3,000 seats it is the largest pelota court in Spain.

The need to restore its facade arose after some parts fell to the ground. After several analyses, it was determined that we needed to replace all the parts of the façade and the fastening system installed. We removed all the slate slabs and anchoring, to then install a new grid on which the new ULMA polymer concrete panels were installed.

ULMA ventilated façade solution with polymer concrete panels

The ventilated facade solution is a system that leaves an air chamber between the building's outer wall and the cladding, thus improving energy efficiency.

We used polymer concrete panels, a high quality material composed of aggregates and polyester resins with highly resistant technical characteristics.

In addition, our material offers outstanding advantages for the restoration of the facade: lightness, flexibility and adjustability of the material on site, allowing us to make many adaptations by applying panels of different formats.