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ULMA takes part in the construction project of the Santa Rosa Tunnel in Peru

Aug 27, 2018
Over the past years, government institutions have been working to solve local traffic problems with new Metro lines and expanded motorways.

The subterranean tunnel crossing underneath Santa Rosa Mountain, joining the districts of Rímac and San Juan de Lurigancho, has considerably improved the east-west traffic conditions in the city. Each of the tunnels constructed have two lanes and an average length of 250 m.

ULMA has taken part in the construction project of Santa Rosa Tunnel using two MK carriages, with a height of 8.36 m and width of 13.20 m, one starting at each portal, which made the process as efficient and flexible as possible.

With standard MK carriages, two tunnels have been constructed in a flexible manner that considerably reduced costs for the customer. The combination of the MK load bearing structure with MK formwork in a single mobile carriage made it possible to complete 6 m sections in pours lasting 7 hours. Moreover, the metal formwork panel adjusted to the different radii with a simple curvature adjustment.