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ULMA Showroom turned into a stage to host the voices and music of Hots Abesbatza

Jul 10, 2019
In the context of the cultural initiative “Oñati ezagutzen”, started two years ago by the Ganbara Factory, on 6 July, the ULMA Showroom hosted the choir Hots Abesbatza, which, under the guidance of Aitor Biain Bidarte, offered a concert to close the cycle of actions included in the project “Industrialisation in Oñati”.

This musical adventure, held every two years, began its journey by presenting the local hermitages, with the collaboration of the Artixa heritage preservation group. Two years later, it was the turn of industrialisation in Oñati, featuring a review of the history and origins of the current industry, preceded by the old forges, mills, weaving, and other crafts.

In the photo: Hots Abesbatza, whose participants include Elisabeth Igartua, Arantzazu Murua, and Gurutze Murua, from ULMA Construction, and Jone Miren Aranburu and Nagore Orueta, from ULMA Packaging, alongside Aitor Ayastuy Director General of ULMA Construction.

This historical legacy is presented in a book available at the Oñati Office for Tourism and Kultur Etxea, distributed both in schools and during the celebration of the different touring concerts offered by Ikastetxeak Kantari, Ganbara Txiki, Ganbara Abesbatza, and Hots Abesbatza, between 29 June and 6 July at Fagor Industrial, Cartonajes Arregi, Stadler, and ULMA.

Thus, despite being an unusual setting for both the choir and the attendees, the ULMA Showroom perfectly fulfilled its role as a stage, hosting for almost an hour the voices of the choir Hots Abesbatza, composed of 40 women and one man. With Eli Mendiaraz Estala at the piano and under the direction of Aitor Biain Bidarte, the choir created just three years ago offered works belonging to different eras and in different languages, adding the finishing touch to this musical cycle.

Here is a small sample of the concert:

Bi bihotz - J.Guerrero | Hots Abesbatza

Bring me little Water - Arr. M. Smiley | Hots Abesbatza

Annabel Lee - E. Ugalde | Hots Abesbatza

Angelus - J. Elberdin | Hots Abesbatza

Author of the photos and videos: Joxe Fernandez