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ULMA polymer concrete slabs in a residential building in São Paulo, Brazil

Jan 18, 2018
Slabs of the Creaktive line were installed in a residential building, highlighting its quality and aesthetic finish.

A new building was built with apartments of different sizes, as well as some community areas, in São Paulo.

To give a differentiated image to the building, ULMA polymer concrete slabs were installed, perforated, and equipped with lighting. To this end, the Creaktive line was used, a line that maximises customisation, turning the creative façades designed by the architects into a reality.


The company Ilha Arquitetura is responsible for implementing this attractive façade. The studio explained that the product first caught their attention thanks to the infinite possibilities of aesthetic finishing. Furthermore, they point out that aesthetics and high quality are what they value most in the material, as well as in the product and service.

In addition, thanks to this system and material, the building can have protection against adverse weather, creating energy savings and a healthier environment for the end user.

In total, 100 m2 of slabs were installed, in a format of 1.80 m x 0.90 m, while the colour chosen was white (M24).