• Ulma Architectural Solutions

ULMA is taking part in the restoration of the façade of Essential Compositions SL in Gandia

Jun 09, 2015
The spectacular metamorphosis of the installations is based on a design exclusively created for the project in question

Essential Compositions is one of the main leading companies in the fragrance manufacturing sector. Research and innovation are the company's two main pillars.

These values have awoken in the company the need to renew and expand its facilities. ULMA Architectural Solutions, together with Isabel Gomis, an interior designer for the company Isa Gomis Disseny, directed the design project.  A great challenge within the fragrance manufacturing industry with a result that transmits, moves and seduces, reflecting the value of the human team it represents.

The proposal for the company's rehabilitation and expansion is aimed at all the facilities, including offices, laboratory and façade.

The entire design project contributes added value as it reflects the company’s contemporary approach. For the façade, ULMA has chosen a polymer concrete ventilated façade that creates volumes exclusively designed for this project.  The purpose of this design is to transmit the company's essence based on the values of modernity and innovation.

To this end, ULMA used the perforated AGUA texture from its CREATIVE line in M24 white.

Multiple sizes of  polymer concrete slabs were manufactured ad-hoc for the project.