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ULMA Inoxtruck presents its specialist clean room equipment at IFFA 2013 and holds its international sales network convention.

May 31, 2013
The three-yearly international meat product processing and packing industry exhibition held in May in Frankfurt, Germany was attended by ULMA Packaging and ULMA Inoxtruck, who showcased their range of tailor-made solutions in different halls. The event coincided with the ULMA Inoxtruck international sales network convention and participants gave positive feedback on both the quality of the items on show and how the atmosphere created at the convention helped attendees to exchange experiences.

The convention was held on the day before the IFFA show opening and on the opening day itself, and ULMA Inoxtruck took advantage of these dates for business training and presentation of this year’s newly designed models. Representatives from countries including Finland, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland and Chile took a first-hand look at ULMA Inoxtruck’s quantitative and qualitative development, its strategic projects and the competitive edge of the new models.

Knuth Lorenzen, President of the European consortium EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group), attended the convention as a special guest. He acknowledged ULMA Inoxtruck’s design of 100% cleanable units guaranteeing an effective solution for companies with high hygiene requirements for handling food or medical products at their respective production centres and urged the ULMA Inoxtruck team to continue on the same path. EHEDG is an association of food sector companies, research institutes, public health authorities and equipment manufacturers, including ULMA Inoxtruck.

The international IFFA 2013 trade fair showcased ULMA Inoxtruck’s range of cleanable units, particularly the new models developed by its design and engineering department this year. The new MPT manual pallet trucks, the new integrated weighing system for use with the entire range, and the new EBT electro-manual tipper, specially designed for ergonomic cutter trolley handling and tipping were all launched at the fair. The ULMA Inoxtruck managers were pleased and motivated by the enthusiastic reception given to the new launches and the interest shown by the large number of visitors to the stand.

ULMA Inoxtruck models guarantee a load handling solution in tough agribusiness environments, as their high IP protection against contact and water and dirt infiltration allows the units to be fully cleaned, reducing the risk of microbiological contamination and guaranteeing good hygiene conditions at highly demanding production centres such as those of the food sector.

ULMA Inoxtruck presents its specialist clean room equipment at IFFA 2013 and holds its international sales network convention.