ULMA Handling Systems

ULMA Handling Systems and IK4-Tekniker committed to innovation together

Sep 07, 2016

ULMA Handling Systems and IK4-Tekniker have consolidated their long-standing collaboration through a cooperation agreement

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The pharmaceutical company LILLY trust again in ULMA Handling Systems

Jul 26, 2016

After the complete automated logistic system in the previous project of Lilly, the pharmaceutical company trusts again in ULMA to develop a new automatic transport system that will allow the company having a better traceability of its products, increasing productivity and improving distribution services.

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SAMSENG paper mill will automate its warehouse logistics managed by 9 stacker cranes

Jul 13, 2016

The Argentinean paper mill, Samseng, also known by its brand name "Elegante", has opted to automate its intralogistics with the help of ULMA Handling Systems.

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ULMA- Banque de France: Eurosystems's first automated bank logistic system

Jun 21, 2016

ULMA Handling Systems stays ahead yet again with the start up of an innovative logistics project, once more leading the technological market in a unique challenge in the Euro zone.

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Major-Meukow opts for Warehouse automation

May 24, 2016

The Cognac company MAJOR-MEUKOW will become home to an automatic warehouse managed by an stacker crane and a picking system

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ULMA's Supervisor Cloud system recognised as a key tool for future industry.

May 12, 2016

ULMA Handling Systems continues developing its new Supervisor system for logistics facilities, thanks to the assistance and recognition received from MINETUR and FEDER

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Footwear company, Inyectados Laura S.L, looks to ULMA Handling Systems to develop its automated storage system

Apr 27, 2016

Inyectados Laura, a Spanish company dedicated to leather footwear design and production, looked to ULMA Handling Systems to develop a fully automatic transport and automated storage system for their plant in Huecas, Toledo. The company has two own brands, men's footwear brand Luisetti and women’s footwear brand Laura Azaña.

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IK4-IKERLAN and ULMA Handling Systems participate in the U-TEST project

Apr 13, 2016

The U-TEST project aims to develop new CPS (Cyber-physical Systems) test methods.

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ULMA Handling Systems launches its Newsletter

Mar 31, 2016

"Handling News" will be the new monthly bulletin from ULMA Handling Systems

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ULMA Handling Systems launches Newsletter

Mar 10, 2016

ULMA Handling Systems has launched its Newsletter: "Handling News" which is aimed at anyone/any company interested in receiving information about the latest innovations in automated intralogistics solutions.

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Saplex launches its new fully automated logistics system

Feb 22, 2016

SAPLEX, a Mercadona "intersupplier" and specialist in the production and sale of refuse bags, launches its new intelligent warehouse in Canovelles (Barcelona). The solution, designed and developed by ULMA Handling Systems, has enabled all logistics processes at the firm to be fully automated, from end of production line to shipping.

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Juan Jesús Alberdi, new Managing Director of ULMA handling systems

Feb 10, 2016

Renewed management team at ULMA Handling Systems from the start of the year, with Juan Jesús Alberdi as new Managing Director. This latest move has been driven by the cooperative's social and business development and future goals.

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ULMA Handling Systems entrusts its future to the INDUSTRY 4.0 revolution

Jan 27, 2016

Immersed in its continuous innovation strategy, ULMA Handling Systems has opened its doors to the new INDUSTRY 4.0 revolution that is set to become the Industry of the Future, combining the virtual world of information technology (IT) and the physical world of machines and the Internet.

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Hospital logistics focussed Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Jan 14, 2016

ULMA Handling Systems has launched a new sales support for its Hospital Warehouse Management System (WMS) called IK HEALTH, which acts as a sales guide to promote the most significant advantages of its WMS.

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ULMA supports Cinfa's immersion in the new Industry 4.0 era.

Dec 11, 2015

ULMA Handling Systems is set to implement its supervisor system at CINFA pharmaceutical laboratories, a clear example of the new industrial revolution (INDUSTRY 4.0) that will enable it to immerse itself in the industry of the future.

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ULMA and IK4-TEKNIKER, main finalists in the European Robotics Challenges collaborative environment project

Nov 26, 2015

ULMA Handling Systems is working with the IK4-Tekniker technology centre to achieve a collaborative man-machine environment focusing on removal of workplace barriers, in line with the new INDUSTRY 4.0 revolution. The project was chosen by EUROC as a best consortium finalist after the 15 challenger teams had been whittled down to 5.

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European Robotics Challenges places ULMA and IK4-TEKNIKER as main finalists in the collaborative environment project

Nov 12, 2015

ULMA Handling Systems collaborates with IK4-Tekniker (technology centre) with the aim of arriving at a collaborative human-machine environment as part of the new INDUSTRY 4.0 revolution, which is aimed at eliminating barriers in the workplace. The project was named best consortium by EUROC, amongst 5 finalists drawn from 15 participants.

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ULMA Handling Systems adds a touch of glamour to logistics in Saint Petersburg

Oct 27, 2015

Au Pont Rouge shopping centre in Saint Petersburg (Russia) is set to provide the most glamorous showcase for ULMA Handling Systems' horizontal carousel.

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ULMA set to present its main Baggage Handling novelties at the Munich INTER AIRPORT EUROPE trade fair.

Sep 23, 2015

ULMA Handling Systems is set to present its main Baggage Handling novelties at the next edition of the INTER AIRPORT EUROPE trade fair from 6-9 October in Munich (Germany). These include comprehensive baggage handling systems based on its extensive experience in the sector, and a broad range of products and modular solutions adaptable to the future functional needs of any airport.

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New ULMA Handling Systems Warehouse Management System (WMS) catalogue

Sep 10, 2015

ULMA Handling Systems has launched a new sales support for its Warehouse Management System (WMS) called the IK STORE+ comprised of a sales guide with information about the most significant advantages of its WMS.

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