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ULMA Handling Systems provides its employees with foreign travel guide

Dec 16, 2014
As a result of its increasing international expansion in Europe, America and Africa, ULMA Handling Systems has produced a series of information guides with the dual aim of providing basic information and general travel recommendations for all its employees working abroad.

The guides have been compiled by a multidisciplinary team led by the Human Resources Department and involving staff from ORP, Travel Management, Systems and HR, and supported by the Finance Department and the Health Monitoring Service.

The first guide contains a set of general recommendations related to the firm’s international expansion, and aims to pool some basic reminders on travel assistance, legal documents, payment systems, health assistance, preventive measures (health and safety) and recommendations for Internet communications. This guide contains a summary of the guidelines and indications in these fields aimed at staff travelling abroad.

In addition to the general guide, individual sheets are also being designed for each country where we have a production plant or sales office presence, offering more detailed information on aspects such as destination country paperwork and preferential contact data, amongst others.