• Ulma Handling Systems

ULMA Handling Systems adds a touch of glamour to logistics in Saint Petersburg

Oct 27, 2015
Au Pont Rouge shopping centre in Saint Petersburg (Russia) is set to provide the most glamorous showcase for ULMA Handling Systems' horizontal carousel.

Its automated storage system will be at the heart of a renowned Russian perfume and cosmetics store, whose customers will be able to request a product and experience its immediate delivery via carousel. The ULMA carousel will be yet another attraction for the broad range of public visiting the Shopping Centre, enabling customer product choices to be delivered rapidly, precisely and safely.

ULMA's horizontal storage systems are specially designed to provide order preparation and automatic storage solutions that increase productivity ratios to the maximum, whilst reducing the number of movements, transport tasks and the amount of warehouse space required.

The project has been implemented in partnership with REPHARMA in Russia, which specialises in the pharmaceutical sector.