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ULMA Group worker-members visit the Aburuza cider house for dinner to the sound of verse-singing

Oct 28, 2015
Last Friday, 55 ULMA worker-members visited the Aburuza cider house in Aduna.

First on the agenda was a guided tour to find out about the cider-making process, with the chance to sample three types of cider at different stages of fermentation. The visitors then enjoyed the typical sagardotegi (cider house) menu as they watched a performance by the bertsolaris (Basque verse-singers) Miren Amuriza and Iñigo Manzisidor, alias Mantxi. The event was an excellent occasion for the worker-members from ULMA’s different business units to meet and get to know each other in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

Word games, laughter, cider-tasting and the aroma of Idiazabal cheese were the keynotes of the evening, as cider-houses are famous for fostering and combining four elements: culture, cuisine, socialising and the Basque language.

The initiative was organised by the ULMA Group’s Motivation Committee as part of the Basque Language Plan, with a view to encouraging the use of the Basque language in the workplace.