• Ulma Architectural Solutions

ULMA drainage solution in the new Gran Vía, in Madrid

Jan 10, 2019
ULMA Architectural Solutions has installed MultiV+ channels with a slotted grid in the new semi-pedestrian Grand Via in the Spanish capital.

Gran Vía is one of the most emblematic streets of Madrid and has just been opened after a process of semi-pedestrianisation that lasted 8 months. The great innovation is the two additional lanes for pedestrians, with a total of 5,400 square metres new for walking.

Its need:

Given that it is a very busy street, the Municipality of Madrid needed a drainage system with great evacuation capacity, but without neglecting aesthetics, as the new approach was to create pleasant spaces free of vehicles, for pedestrians in the capital.

Our solution:

Our slotted grid is a trend. Its discretion, alongside its functionality, make it the ideal solution for places where water collection should go unnoticed, as is the case of the Gran Vía, in Madrid. The channels installed were the MultiV+, whose optimised V-shaped section provides greater hydraulic efficiency.