ULMA Construction

ULMA takes part in the construction project of the Harborside Tower in New Jersey

May 29, 2017

The Harborside Tower was designed with 69 storeys, 763 residences, and a total height of 214 m. It is now the tallest residential building in New Jersey.

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ULMA developed a comprehensive solution for the construction project of the Hisgaura Bridge

May 12, 2017

Traversing challenging terrain, the development project along the Málaga—Los Curos Motorway will improve transportation between the regions of Boyacá and Santander, Colombia.

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ULMA takes part in the construction project of the new lock on the Po River

Mar 23, 2017

Meticulous study and planning paired with careful ULMA product rotation provided for optimal performance and a reduction in the tasks necessary to perform in situ.

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ULMA Construction continues to publish new local websites

Feb 27, 2017

ULMA Construction’s internationalisation vocation, analysis, understanding and adaptation to the culture and the construction methods of each country are also reflected in the digital field.

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ULMA is taking part on the construction of two bridges in Poland

Feb 21, 2017

ULMA Construction team in Poland is currently finishing various bridges with the in situ cantilever method, most notably the MS-4A Bridge over the Oder River and the MS-30.1 Bridge, spanning across the banks of the Drwęca River.

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New office building Eschborn in Germany

Jan 31, 2017

The Eschborn industrial park is slated to be home to the headquarters of various multinational corporations and government agencies.

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ULMA takes part in the construction of state-of-the-art flats in Chile

Jan 20, 2017

Chile has more seismic activity than any other country in the world, a fact that makes construction regulations not only extremely strict but subject to continual revision.

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Atlantic Station Mixed-Use Development, U.S.A.

Dec 23, 2016

The Atlantic Station Project will transform the old Stamford, CT Post Office building into a mixed-use development with spectacular views of Manhattan and Long Island.

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Formwork and Scaffolding ULMA for the largest Water Treatment Plant in all of Central Europe

Dec 14, 2016

The new water treatment plant in Prague is the biggest project in the Czech Republic currently underway, and when completed will be the largest facility of its kind in all of Central Europe.

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ULMA Construction offers flexible solutions for Dubai City Walk Project

Nov 25, 2016

ULMA Construction has offered rapid, simple, and, most importantly, flexible solutions for this project composed of extremely diverse slab thicknesses and heights.

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ULMA participates in the construction project of Mexico-Toluca Intercity Train.

Oct 27, 2016

The versatility of the formwork structures provided a solution both profitable for our client and efficient for the construction of the special geometry piers required in Mexico – Toluca Intercity Train project.

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Innovative Solutions of formwork in Avant-Garde Architecture

Oct 11, 2016

The Fondazione Prada Museum, designed by the architect Rem Koolhaas, attempts to integrate traditional and avant-garde architecture in a single space.

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Discover the Many Faces of ULMA Construction in the New Corporate Video

Sep 27, 2016

This video represents the latest development in ULMA Construction media communications, following closely behind the publication of Construction Book. With compelling audiovisuals and illustrative graphics, both productions convey ULMA Construction’s identity, its values, and its way of working.

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ULMA Construction strengthens its position in the US with the acquisition of SOCON Forming & Shoring

Sep 08, 2016

ULMA Construction has taken control of SOCON Forming & Shoring through its US subsidiary ULMA Form-Works Inc., with the aim of extending and consolidating its presence on America’s South-East coast.

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ULMA Comprehensive solutions in Venda Nova III dam in Portugal

Jul 29, 2016

When more than 2,000 t of material is mobilized, when extremely versatile construction systems are needed, and when the speed and simplicity of assembly is crucial, experience is absolutely fundamental to success.

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ULMA takes part in the construction of Ichma Tower in Peru

Jul 21, 2016

ULMA Construction supplied comprehensive formwork solutions, engineering support, and continual oversight throughout the project. Solutions that empowers modernity, efficiency and the sustainability of the tower built to LEED Green Building certification standards.

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ULMA Construction hosts a group of students from Mexico’s Ibero University and Mondragon Unibertsitatea

Jun 22, 2016

On Wednesday, ULMA Construction’s factory and showroom were visited by a group of students on two master’s degree courses related to the Social Economy and Cooperative Societies

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ULMA Construction updates its corporate identity with a new general catalogue

Jun 16, 2016

Called the Construction Book, ULMA Construction has launched its new 250 page general catalogue with extensive information on over 70 projects implemented around the world, together with its portfolio of formwork, scaffolding and shoring systems.

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Innovation and safety integrated in the formwork and scaffolding systems developed by ULMA Construction

May 26, 2016

Innovation, safety and ergonomics are present in all formwork and scaffolding systems developed for construction by ULMA and translate into solutions that guarantee high efficiency on site.

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The Bay of Cadiz Bridge, a large-scale and technically demanding project

May 17, 2016

The Bay of Cadiz Bridge, popularly known as “La Pepa Bridge”, is one of the largest bridges in the world and the second highest, surpassing even the legendary Golden Gate in San Francisco.

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