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ULMA Construction’s MK Systems bridging distances in Peru

Oct 28, 2013
Spanning 93.6m, the Salinas Bridge links the two banks of the Marañón river and has been a catalyst for trade and tourism in the Amazon region. The area’s complex orography required precise topographical work. Moreover, the risk of major floods and the limited spaces shaped the construction’s design: an arch type false bridge with an intermediate deck, supported at both ends and executed with systems that do not require cranes.

ULMA Solution

All of the configurations required were tackled using the MK System. On-site consultancy during the assembly process and swift supply of 240 t of MK guaranteed maximum product profitability.
The MK frameworks, with 28.3 m tall assembly towers, were installed to assemble and disassemble the MK arch and deck, as well as acting as a concrete support and evacuation system. 
MK Structures were used to obtain the radii of curvature of the deck’s 2 beams in the concrete arch.  Featuring a 1.2m wide rectangular cross-section and variable bank (2m at the beginning and 1.25 m the keystone), the closure of the middle of the structure was a success.
The MK System was the most effective and economic solution. Versatile and adaptable, it made it possible to comply 100% with the tight execution deadlines.