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ULMA Construction products HWS and ART, allies for overhead work

Jan 31, 2014
High-rise projects need a leader with excellent production and completion deadline solutions. ULMA Construction has been working in this sector for many years and has world class experts in development, implementation and consultation for climbing systems.

This experience, combined with our holistic, personalised and continuous service from start to finish of each project ensures success for this sort of buildings. Thanks to customer confidence in ULMA Construction ongoing projects include Hudson Yards in New York City and Bay Adelaide East Tower in Toronto.

Because of their specific characteristics projects of this type require specialised, versatile and flexible technology that can adapt to multiple geometric needs. The ART self-climbing system and the HWS Perimeter Protection Panels are just an example of what ULMA Construction has to offer and of our ability to adapt to any building project.

Both products share a series of characteristics making them fast, safe and functional systems:
-Self-climbing hydraulic elevation without the need for cranes, even in adverse weather conditions
- Adaptability to irregularly shaped framework
- System and personal safety for overhead work
- Protection against inclement weather
-Versatility because its structure is based on the MK System

- Multiuse, integrated and protected platforms for work, for storage and lifting materials and for framework table removal.
-For lifting auxiliary equipment such as concrete spreaders.