• Ulma Construction

ULMA Construction participates in the modernization project of Pacasmayo cement plant located in Peru.

Jan 21, 2016
With an annual production capacity of 1.6 million tons of cement, the new plant based in Piura will be the most modern in Latin America.

ULMA Construction has supplied the project with the equipment and systems necessary to construct silos, hoppers, warehouses, and processing facilities, as well as the access points inside the plant.

Distribution speed, system safety and experience with similar projects were all crucial components when it came to awarding the contract to ULMA.

Amongst the numerous buildings constructed by ULMA, the cement silo is 70 m high, has cylindrical walls and conical slabs. At 18 m high, the outerring required the solid support of BMK climbing brackets. Adaptable to circular walls and easy to assemble, the brackets not only supported the COMAIN panels used as the formwork for the ring, but they also created a surface to which the working platforms could be attached, allowing the reinforcement and formwork to be installed.

The ENKOFLEX timber system is ideal for slab formwork where interferences are present or special geometries are required. It is the preferred slab formwork system for the majority of building projects. In combination with BRIO, in terms of both shoring and scaffolding, it bore the load of the slabs in addition to that of personnel and equipment.

ULMA Construction reaffirms its leading position in the Peruvian market by participating in the country’s major projects.