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ULMA Construction MK Technology demonstrates its possibilities: Bridge at Km 81.1, D1 Motorway, Bertotovce, Slovakian Republic

Mar 31, 2014
This bridge is part of the most important motorway under construction in the Slovakian Republic. 11.2 km in length, it not only joins the country from one end to the other but also forms part of the Trans-European road network.

Its 281 m length is distributed across 4 spans, the longest being 87 m.

The piers have a specific distribution since they are made up of 4 columns joined at the top by a reinforced wall.

In the case of the tallest piers, 38.5 m, there is an additional one at half-height.

The piers, abutments and voussoir were built using modular casing based on MK technology.

MK heavy duty climbing brackets were used as the support structure to build the reinforced wall and, like the climber system, these have been adapted to the piers.

4 transverse trusses were placed over the slatted hanging girders making use of the gaps between the supports at the top of the pier.

The voussoir was made over this support in three stages using MK girder casing vertically and horizontally.

Pursuant to safety criteria, additional platforms were placed between columns to guarantee workers’ safety throughout the process.

The ULMA Construction solution with 12 m trusses has no rental competitor since the majority of them were standard parts.