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ULMA Construction launches the most optimum solution in lightweight formwork on the market

Jun 30, 2014
LGW lightweight formwork is the result of transforming research and innovation into new products, new solutions and new services for the customer.

LGW is a wall formwork aimed at residential construction

The high site costs require ever lighter and simpler formwork or solutions increasing their assembly performance.

LGW is ULMA Construction’s answer to market needs after listening to their customers in each of their projects worldwide.

ULMA Construction has achieved the maximum balance between resistance and weight in the most economic manner.

With the same weight as a medium panel, 30 kg/m2, resistance has been increased to 60 kN/m2 over its entire range and 80 kN/m2 with its universal panel.

In the cases of high panel walls, concreting speed control is unnecessary.

It presents a wide range of panels which solve any geometry of walls, pillars and foundations regardless of their dimensions and complexity, without the need for other accessories.

It is available in standard heights of 3, 2.4, 1.2 and 0.6 m, which combined with different widths from 0.9m to 0.3m covers both small and large projects.

For painted and galvanised finishes ULMA Construction adapts to the different needs of the customers.

In addition, all the panels have side holes on the sections, which when combined with universal panels enables the execution of closure, corner and pillar solutions with very high performance and quality.

The advantages are obvious: maximum lightness, flexibility and resistance, cost reduction, increased efficacy and therefore increased productivity.

In fact, crane occupation is reduced, leaving the cranes available for other tasks.

ULMA Construction launches the most optimum solution in lightweight formwork on the market