• Ulma Construction

ULMA Construction hosts a group of students from Mexico’s Ibero University and Mondragon Unibertsitatea

Jun 22, 2016
On Wednesday, ULMA Construction’s factory and showroom were visited by a group of students on two master’s degree courses related to the Social Economy and Cooperative Societies

These two Master’s Degrees courses end with the students spending around 20 days in the MONDRAGON cooperative environment to gain first-hand knowledge of the keys to the cooperative experience. ULMA Construction and ULMA Packaging are two of the cooperatives that will receive a visit from the group of university students, who mainly study or work at cooperative organisations or in connected university environments.

After the visit to the ULMA Construction factory and showroom, guided by Raul Garcia, the group ended the day by taking part in a debate held in one of the showroom halls, geared to understanding cooperative concepts such as inter-cooperation, leadership, innovation or the organisational culture.