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ULMA Construction collaborates with the Ereindajan association

Feb 23, 2016
In line with the ULMA Group's values and as a means of advancing a more sustainable, just and healthy development model, the ULMA Construction Governing Council has invited all of the cooperative's workers and members to support the Ereindajan association by enjoying its local and in-season products.

Ereindajan is a nonprofit organization created to foster close and just relationships between farmers and consumers, boost ecological agriculture and promote responsible consumption.

Attending to its social responsibility, ULMA Group started supporting  Ereindajan last year, as an influential agent for the reactivation of local agriculture. This year ULMA Construction has gone one step further by offering its Oñati workers and members the option of ordering the products distributed by Ereindajan direct from work. Fresh produce will be brought directly from the Oñati Ortuzabala Consumption Group and the rest from the Ereindajan shop in Arrasate.

The first group will be comprised of those who sign up before 26 February via email to ereindajan@ereindajan.eus and will be given the opportunity to try the service for one month. Anyone wishing to try the service after that date will be given the opportunity to join the Ortuzabala Consumption Group at a later date.