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ULMA Construcción involved in implementing large mining infrastructures in Peru

Jun 20, 2013
In Peru, where the mining sector makes up 14% of GDP, the Toromocho mine project is set to become one of the most important. 1,500 million tonnes of minerals are to be extracted from this open pit mine which is located 4,500 m above sea level.

ULMA has provided an integral formwork and scaffolding solution for the construction of, among others, infrastructures, processing buildings, crushing machinery, access tunnels and recovery tunnels.

Crushing facility

Standing 25 m high, this building was erected with 20 MK trusses, a 3.7 m overhang and a thickness of 1.1 m. Based on this, the top 9 m high storey was built.

For the vertical structures, 1.5 m thick walls with constant dimensions, ULMA opted for the resistant ORMA formwork which helped to reduce the times between curings.

Load requirements are high for this type of building due to the height between storeys and the weight of the slab. By combining BRIO falsework and ALUPROP construction props, an optimal solution was found for the load requirements: supporting 1,060 t per slab.
By using BRIO scaffolding with BMK Brackets in the whole perimeter of the building, the steel framework, formwork, etc operations were made easy.

Thanks to ULMA's experience in this type of work, the customer received the best possible assessment. Furthermore, products which best adapted to the many different Toromocho Mine Project applications were used at all times.