• Ulma Architectural Solutions

ULMA Architectural Solutions present at the Campofrio pizza factory, with its new stainless steel industrial drainage range.

Nov 10, 2015
ULMA Architectural Solutions involved in supplying a wide range of stainless steel drainage systems

ULMA Architectural Solutions was involved in this project by supplying a wide range of stainless steel drainage systems, which included a selection of products such as specialist drains and modular channels for this type of industrial application.

Campofrío's 50,000 m2 plant in Ólvega (Soria) incorporates the most advanced pizza production technology, and is the largest pizza production plant in Spain and one of the largest in Europe.

Notable amongst the range of products supplied is the new drainage solution called Hygienic-Pro® by Blücher. The system consists of modular channels with a built-in gradient and drain outlet, made entirely of stainless steel, which include fully removable filter baskets and water traps, with Edge Infill system (channel and drain frames reinforced with synthetic resin, to eliminate cavities, resisting bacterial growth, etc.); and with Hygienic-Pro® grating, designed to facilitate cleaning, particularly suited to industrial processes that generate large quantities of solid waste, whilst ensuring good mechanical performance when subject to the passage of machinery.

Individual drains were also supplied, with round frames, appropriate for resin floors, with the same type of removable baskets and water traps, with a large drainage capacity and ease of cleaning, based on the European standard, and with the same Hygienic-Pro® grating.

The specific channel model supplied was CH190S25.SV110 and the drain for resin floors was model DC200.F.110V, both with the aforementioned Hygienic-Pro® grating.

These elements and factors were key to the selection of this complete solution, and thereby being awarded the contract, and provided the perfect response to the customer's needs and concerns in terms of quality, hygiene and mechanical strength.