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ULMA Agrícola continues to leave its mark in Central America

Mar 12, 2013
ULMA Agrícola has just delivered two turnkey projects in Central America.

ULMA Agrícola corporate presence in Central America has been growing stronger over recent years. Thanks to this we are doing a great deal of work and achieving solid results in the Central American market. Our Mexican subsidiary has successfully tackled projects and services with the underlying goal of improving our presence in this market.

Mexico and Guatemala

One of the most recent projects we delivered in late 2012 is located in the state of Chiapas (Mexico). This facility, with an area over 7,000m2, was built with a Gothic multi-span structure and equipped with two inflatable chambers in the ceiling, recycling units, an air-conditioning area, air heating and perimeter screens.

The second project is located in Guatemala, another country with good potential where ULMA Agrícola is conducting major work. The Guatemala Project also opted for a Gothic structure with a covered surface area of 24,800m2, divided into modules.

The facilities, both built in warm climes, have ventilation around their whole perimeters and their tops, and their openings are protected with insect nets.

ULMA Agrícola continues to leave its mark in Central America

Inside the Guatemala facility