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ULMA 2.0; A Project worth Sharing

Mar 19, 2013
In keeping with new social communication trends ULMA Group has been working for some time to develop a project based on the growing importance of 2.0 technologies. ULMA’s presence on Social Networks is beginning to play a decisive role in the current social and business context.

The project covers two areas. On the one hand, creating a single standardized brand and on the other, managing corporate communication through social networks. This project is a result of the need to adapt the ULMA Brand to the new era of digital communication era offered by the internet. Furthermore, it is also a clear commitment to improve our on-line Corporate Image and to connect with the public. The Group offers users a wide range of content: corporate documentation in digital format, videos, brand-related news published by other media.

The ULMA Group is now present on several social networks to achieve its objectives;