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The ULMA Group organises a seminar on cybersecurity

Mar 12, 2019
The ULMA Group, through its Growth and Innovation Area, organised a successful cybersecurity conference on Tuesday with the aim of raising awareness of the risks that exist in the new digital era. The ULMA Group auditorium welcomed leading people in the sector who offered their point of view on the subject.

Given the great interest in cybersecurity in the company, a conference focusing on management profiles of the different businesses of the ULMA Group was prepared. Thus, the meeting was used to identify the synergy between businesses and, as a continuity to it in the coming months, the possible development of a project that can be subsequently deployed at the business level.

The speakers at the conference clarified the concept of digital trust and the key role played by cybersecurity to achieve it. The evolution of threats, attacks in our companies and industrial cybersecurity and its relationship with social engineering were some other issues discussed on the occasion.