• Ulma Construction

The tallest building in City Point, Brooklyn, USA

Mar 28, 2019
Designed to be the highest residential tower in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Point is over 720 feet tall with 68 stories and will include the highest infinity pool in the western hemisphere. Along with 458 luxury residences the building sports 40,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor amenities.

ULMA worked directly with the customer to provide comprehensive support for this project, including engineering solutions using ULMA’s forming, shoring, and safety windscreen systems HWS, selected by the customer to protect their workers while performing work around the construction jobsite. 36 HWS units where designed to surround the building and cover 4 and a ½ building floors.

All products had continued project support with engineers on site from beginning to end. ULMA’s dependable service, efficient and steady products, and continued support of the project with engineers on site is the reason ULMA can take part in creating this beautiful building in Brooklyn, New York.