• Ulma Handling Systems

The new terminal of Oran (Algeria) will be equipped with ULMA’s Baggage Handling system

Dec 21, 2016
A new international project consolidates ULMA’s expansion strategy, thanks to the trust that EGSA Oran has put in the luggage inspection and classification systems of ULMA Handling Systems

The entity EGSA Oran, which manages more than 10 airports in Algeria, has entrusted the development of the Baggage Handling system in the new terminal of Oran Airport, which will be serving international flights, to ULMA Handling Systems.

The departure flights system in the new terminal in the Algerian city will have the capacity to process 2,500 pieces of luggage per hour. It will be equipped with 19 check-in counters and 2 inspection circuits. This system will be controlled by ULMA’s management system, which will give the airport great flexibility in terms of assigning the flights to the baggage carousels. A line dedicated to special luggage will also be available in the terminal. The arrivals system will have 3 luggage carousels with their feed lines incorporating integrated inspections and a special luggage line.

Apart from the new terminal, ULMA Handling Systems will also develop a new system for processing and inspecting luggage in the terminal. It will have 12 additional check-in counters for standard luggage, 1 counter for special luggage and 1 inspection line. In the terminal, 1,2000 pieces of luggage shall be processed in the departures system, and the arrivals system will be equipped with 2 carousels.

This is a pioneering project that the logistical engineering company is developing in the Algerian city, which will allow ULMA to consolidate its international expansion.