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The modular nature of ULMA formworks key in the Antzuola viaduct

Oct 25, 2019
ULMA has provided comprehensive formwork, shoring and scaffolding solutions in the construction of a 495 m deck that is part of the viaduct over the Deskarga stream in the town of Antzuola, Gipuzkoa.

The versatility and flexibility of the ULMA formwork systems allow to meet demanding challenges such as the construction projects of the High Speed Rail Network in Spain.

The complexity of the project, due to mountainous terrain combined with tight deadlines, required technologically advanced products, response capacity, and material provisioning in strict accordance with the client’s demands.

Due to the impossibility of using a movable falsework system for the deck with varied thickness, the engineering team chose to use a gantry falsework system with H-33 trussesheavy-duty T-500 towers, and ENKOFORM H-120 formwork. These products provided the required optimal performance to shore heavy loads at heights of more than 30 m with spans reaching up to 70 m between supports.

The modular nature of the systems made it possible for them to adapt to the different dimensions required.

Continuous communication and collaboration with the client made it possible to use each product as efficiently as possible and guarantee safety. Safety, in fact, is built into every system we employ. Given that the area is both logistically important and features complex terrain, open frame protective BRIO scaffolding was installed. Moreover, to avoid blocking traffic on the busy road underneath and prevent falling objects, the structure was designed so that that it could also function as a support for the formwork gangs during the stripping process.