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Paper texture in the restoration of a school in Leioa, Bizkaia

Feb 21, 2019
The facade of the Altzaga School, in Leioa, was restored with our Paper texture in black

This restoration project aimed to respond to the detachment problems present on the existing facades along the ground floor. It was also intended to maintain the building's original aesthetics and horizontal design, for which the CenergITE Bizkaia architecture studio, responsible for the project, decided to opt for polymer concrete.


The paper texture and the colour were chosen in order to provide continuity to the previous aesthetics, resembling natural stone. In addition, the polymer concrete solution was lighter than the phyllite stone used previously, making it an ideal material for the project.

In the words of the project architect, Adelaida Barreiro, "the polymer concrete responded perfectly to the aesthetic, formal and constructive criteria we were seeking. As soon as we were shown the possibilities, we were in no doubt".