• Ulma Group


Jun 11, 2019
The Cooperative Symphony spectacle, Humanity at Music, was successfully held at the San Miguel de Oñati Parish by the ULMA Group.

After the successful appearances of the musical event in Arrasate and Aretxabaleta, the locals sang and danced with pride the Cooperative Symphony on Sunday, 9 June. The lyrics by Jon Maya were used to underscore the importance and impact of cooperativism in Oñati. HUMANITY AT MUSIC was presented in Oñati to share cooperativism in a unique and special way.

On 9 June, Humanity at Music arrived in Oñati. The attendants sung about the cooperative values  nurtured and taught throughout history, and which will continue to do so tomorrow.

Bertso singer Andoni Egaña, along with 160 people in an orchestra, choir and dance gave light and colour to the event in the incomparable setting of San Miguel Parish.

The ceremony began at 7:30 pm in the San Miguel Parish. Previously at 7:00 pm, Andoni Egaña gave the starting signal in the square, next to Iosu Igartua, in a brief but passionate session of bertso performances.  The church was prepared for the musical pieces offered by the 60 musicians of Arrasate Musical, 80 voices of the choir groups Ganbara and Hots and dancers from Oñatz Taldea, all of them with the introduction of Andoni Egaña and his bertso songs.