• Ulma Group

Humanity and Music Concert in the Parish of Oñati

May 13, 2019
The concert that will be held on 9 June at 7:30 pm in the parish, will be preceded by bertso singer Andoni Egaña who, half an hour before at the Town Square, will encourage the locals to attend the concert.

The concert will offer performances by the Arrasate Musical bands Ganbara Abesbatza, Ganbara Txiki and the Orfeón de Bergara and feature Oñatz Dantza Taldea and the aforementioned bertso singer form Zarautz Andoni Egaña.

The event will serve to bring to Oñati the soundtrack of the cooperatives.  It should be noted that the main cooperatives of Oñati, headed by ULMA, have participated in the organisation of the event and sponsored it.

The act, lasting an hour and a half, will provide first-hand knowledge to the locals and allow them to enjoy the eight musical pieces composed by Fernando Velázquez (Goya award for the film “A Monster Calls”) and Jon Sarasua (bertso singer and author of the lyrics form Aretxabaleta).

The entrance will have a symbolic cost of €5, and the ULMA Group will carry out a raffle among its members of 50 tickets.