• Ulma Handling Systems

Hospital logistics focussed Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Jan 14, 2016
ULMA Handling Systems has launched a new sales support for its Hospital Warehouse Management System (WMS) called IK HEALTH, which acts as a sales guide to promote the most significant advantages of its WMS.

The new catalogue will act as showcase offering a broad view of IK HEALTH functionality, from medicine entry to order preparation.

IK HEALTH guarantees optimum management of products in the general warehouse and in peripheral hospital warehouses. Enabling full data management via simple and natural processing routines.

IK HEALTH is a multi-platform product that can potentially be run on any operating system. Its model-based execution theory enables ad-hoc solutions or custom extensions to be developed.

The new catalogue presents the redesigned and highly usable and accessible IK HEALTH with easy user interaction. This WMS also responds to the multi-platform concept, providing interaction between multiple platforms and computing architectures.