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General policies for the management of the Basque language have been presented at the General Meetings of the ULMA cooperatives

Jun 07, 2018
The general policies have been agreed upon and defined within a participation process carried out with more than 100 people from ULMA. The objective is clear: to ensure that Basque Becomes the working language in all the head offices of ULMA in Euskal Herria and to implement this in a proactive, progressive and integral manner.

The participatory process, which began in the autumn of 2017 and ended in March 2018, has counted with the participation of people from the following committees: the Basque Language Committees of the ULMA cooperatives, the Motivation group of the ULMA Group, the Basque Language Committee of the ULMA Group, and the General Council of the ULMA Group.

The policies were approved in April at the agencies of the ULMA Group and were subsequently presented by the president and the director-general of the ULMA Group at the General Meetings of the cooperatives, through this video:

In addition, a logo was created for the ULMA Basque Language Plans. This is the meaning of the image: “Oak is a robust tree, and that is how we wish the presence of Basque at ULMA to be: robust, firm, and well-rooted. The oak leaves are the speech balloons used in the comics, and each sheet has the colour of each business. Additionally, when we say “Take the floor at ULMA”, we are encouraging and requesting participation.”


Finally, by the autumn of 2018, the Strategic Basque Language Plan of the ULMA Group will be completed for the period 2019-2021, taking those recently approved general policies as an axis.