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DIBt certifies ULMA Construcción anchoring elements

Dec 10, 2012
The German Institute for Construction (DIBt) has certified ULMA’s anchoring elements (Cones DW15/M24 and DW20/M30, Sockets NT15 and NT20 and Anchoring Bases DW15 and DW20) in accordance with the requirements of the German standards. This will allow ULMA to strengthen its position in the German market.

Anchoring systems are elements which, embedded in concrete, support the different climbing systems during the construction of walls and work platforms.

Most of the elements can be recovered and reused.

The certification is only valid for use of the cones as a support in ULMA consoles, and its scope is as follows:

• Cone DW15/M24, Socket NT15 and Hexagonal Screw M24x120 10.9 s/DIN EN ISO 4014.

• Cone DW20/M30, Socket NT20 and Hexagonal Screw M30x130 10.9 s/DIN EN ISO 4014.