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Contest for the development of new textures for ULMA ventilated façades

Dec 11, 2018
The Architecture students of the University of Navarra have designed a creative texture, thanks to their imagination and the possibilities offered by the Polymer Concrete.

Our creaktive line offers a range of possibilities for architects, as it makes it possible to turn any texture they can imagine into reality. With the aim of creating a special texture we have launched a contest for the creation of new textures, in which students of the 2nd year of the Architecture course of the University of Navarra (UNAV) will give free rein to their imagination. In this context, the students visited our facilities in Oñati to take a first-hand look at the premises of the contest.

The rule the students had to follow states that the new texture “must be a continuous design, which allows for repeatability and be technically and aesthetically viable. “The goal is to add a Must texture for the ULMA catalogue – a versatile texture that serves as a wardrobe background.”


The contest will have two winners:
The first prize will consist of a scholarship of €1,000, which will be effective on enrolment in the academic year 2019-20. A jury composed of people in charge of both the University and ULMA will choose the best suited texture for the premises.

In addition, the contest will include a prize awarded by the publicYou can choose among the 5 finalist textures using this form. The voting period will be between 4 and 18 December.
The winner will be announced on 20 December.