• Ulma Handling Systems

Conservas Friscos opts for logistical automation in collaboration with ULMA Handling Systems

Oct 21, 2013
Conservas Friscos has installed a new automatic palletisation system that has enabled it to automate 90% of its production. The system, designed and developed by ULMA Handling Systems, features two palletising robots that service four production lines and supply 4 palletising points.

After the automation, the Galician tinned food company has obtained “significant improvements in productivity, efficiency and effectiveness, automating up to 90% of the palletisation process” said Luis Rivera, Director of the Conservas Friscos Plant.

In addition to the palletisation system, this logistics solution incorporates the baling and labelling process and an automatic transport system (VTD) designed to transport the full pallets to the output line.

“After visiting a number of similar facilities, we made a clear choice: ULMA offered reliability and their proposed solution met both our real and future needs,” said Mr.  Rivera.

Conservas Friscos has 180 employees and sells its products in Spain and abroad, with a turnover of €52 million.