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Children’s appreciation and self-esteem

Nov 07, 2018
Second topics of the Parents’ School, on Thursday, 15 November, from 5 pm to 7 pm, at the offices of the ULMA Group in Oñati, Spain.

After receiving a Remarkable rating high in the first meeting of the Parents’ School, “Children’s appreciation and self-esteem” will be the second topic to be discussed.

We often would like children to come to the world with an instruction manual where we can check for advice on their upbringing and how do our best as parents. In this second meeting, we will be talking about the importance of cultivating children’s self-esteem so that they can develop as self-confident people, who believe in their own abilities, but can is it be done? In these meetings, we can ask, share our experiences and address our doubts.

We will start with a question for the debate: How is the feeling of value (self-esteem) and competency in learning and doing, that is, the intellectual and entrepreneurial capacity, cultivated and developed in the child?

With the intervention of the speaker Rafael Cristobal, PhD in Medicine, Neurology and Child Psychiatry. Professor of Child Evolutionary Psychology at HUHEZI (Mondragon University) and teacher at the University of the Basque Country.

In order to facilitate your attendance, we offer a day-care service, so you can come with your children.

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