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Blockbuster Mall becomes the largest shopping and entertainment center in Ukraine

Jun 21, 2019
Strategically located along the main urban highway of Kiev and close to the densely populated residential areas of the capital, Blockbuster Mall becomes the largest shopping and entertainment center in Ukraine with a total surface area of 450,000 square meters.

Implemented in a retail resort format, the Blockbuster Mall brings to the visitors a great offer in gastronomy, fashion and entertainment. In this sense, even before the opening, Blockbuster Mall received the prestigious International European Property Awards, an internationally recognized excellence award, in the category of the Best Retail Development for Ukraine.

The subsidiary of ULMA in Ukraine has controlled the whole process of construction and provided a professional technical support for the project. The solution adopted for the construction of the vertical concrete structures of this shopping center was the combination between the modular formwork system ORMA and the circular column formwork CLR, that have offered an excellent concrete finishing, necessary in this type of building projects.

The modern design of the new shopping center will maximize the number of visitors entering the upper floors, conveniently connected via elevators, escalators and moving walkways. For the construction of the slabs, the wooden beam formwork ENKOFLEX and the T-60 frame shoring towers have been the best choice.

The good collaboration between all the agents involved on the construction project, the on-site supervision of ULMA’s qualified professionals and the compliance with all of the recommendations given on construction site, enabled the simultaneous use of multiple equipment systems, allowing savings in materials, costs, and time, meaning the maximum profitability and safety for the client.