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BIRAMAX, innovative circular formwork

Dec 03, 2015
BIRAMAX is the latest innovation in the field of circular formwork, part of the new line of products from ULMA Construction, focussed on facilitating the use, flexibility and modularity of each of their systems.

The development focussed on seeking a adjustable formwork, that was simpler to assemble and more profitable in terms of its use and durability. The result is a safe and effective product for constructing curved walls with different radiuses.

With the aim of optimising resources and offering a greater synergy between the different ULMA Construction products, so the customer can benefit from improved performance from each project.

With BIRAMAX, ULMA Construction has reinforced its range of circular formwork together with ENKOFORM VMK and ENKOFORM V-100 formwork for constructing circular variable radius walls or fixed structures and installations such as water tanks or tunnels.

BIRAMAX, innovative circular formwork