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Activities to encourage, use and learn the Basque language

Feb 28, 2013
ULMA Motivation Group has designed the 2013 plan. Different activities will take place with the aim to raise awareness towards the Basque language throughout the whole ULMA collective. This year, as a new activity, parents expecting a baby will receive a CD with lullabies in Basque.

2013 Activities

Korrika: get excited while supporting the Basque language (21 March)

Berbalaguna: learn Basque by practising the language (the whole year)

TELP training workshop: learn assertiveness and how to feel comfortable speaking Basque in any situation (September – December)

Basque Classes: learn Basque in your own workplace (October – June)

Basque Language Day: celebrate and support the language (3 December)

“Pentsatu, Sentitu, Egin” (Think, Feel, Do) Campaign: reflect on the Basque language with colleagues during coffee breaks (April - July)

Lullaby CD: so that our babies can grow up hearing Basque (to be distributed from summer on)

Lekaixo: keep informed (3 information sheets)

If you have any proposals or suggestions, please send them to this address euskaraplana @ulma.com