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A tour around Urkulu to help thousands of people have a more dignified life. Are you coming?

Oct 02, 2018
On Sunday, 21 October, Mundukide will be organising the 4th Solidarity race between cooperatives. It consists of a tour around Urkulu to help Mundukide continue working for the dignity of thousands of people.

It is not a competitive race, but a solidary one. Here, the important thing is to participate. It costs €15 to sign up for this race, and that represents the solidarity of your contribution to Mundukide. For you who work at ULMA, the ULMA Foundation will cover the costs of your registration, so it will not cost you any money. We only ask you to join us.

What are you waiting for? It is okay if you do not like to run – you can walk around or go Nordic walking with poles. The important thing is that you come.

You can sign up directly at www.mundukide.org/lasterketa

To participate running, you will be required to organise in groups of three people. To participate walking or in Nordic walking, all you need is to submit an individual registration.

If this is the first time you participate in this solidarity race of Mundukide, you will also receive a ULMA jersey. If you have already participated in previous years, remember to bring your ULMA jersey.

Come, cheer up and do not leave it to the last minute.

See you in Urkulu on Sunday. The cause is worth it!