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7th ULMA Basque Language Plan Conference

Nov 14, 2018
On 25 October, the 7th ULMA Basque Language Plan Conference was held, with the participation of more than 60 ULMA workers.

Before the event began, the participants had the opportunity to get to know each other, through the formulation of several questions while having coffee and snacks.

Following that, Idoia Torregarai, from Usurbil, presented comedy monologue and managed to link ULMA very well with the Basque language. A group activity was then developed to reflect on what will be experienced during the 11 days of Euskaraldia, as well as what we will learn from this experience. To do this, the participants took the role of Belarriprest, Ahobizi,and Bihotz-goxo. Finally, some of the practices that are being developed by ULMA for the normalisation of the Basque language were presented.

The conference ended with a dinner at the Kurtzebaltz club, in Oñati.