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“Espeleolotxiki”, an exciting trip into the past at the Arrikrutz caves with the ULMA foundation

Jul 15, 2015
Last Saturday two groups of ULMA Group workers and partners accompanied by their families enjoyed the “Espeleolotxiki”, a caving trip designed to entertain the entire family, which provides first hand experience of one of the most pioneering archaeological sites in the country and one of the most extensive cave systems in Guipuzcoa, the Arrikrutz caves.

The two groups covered 500 m of gallery 53, descending approximately 35 m, and discovered the cave's depths sculpted by subterranean river Aldaola and enjoyed spaces adorned with stalactites, stalagmites, columns and up to 2 m long eccentric formations. The darkness, silence and average 10 degree temperature were significant in providing the one-time cavers with an exhilarating trip into the past, accompanied throughout by two monitors from the Interpretation centre who added to the amenable and agreeable experience with their “lovely mixture of fun and learning”, according to one of the participants.

The “Espeleolotxiki” visit included a display of the reproduction of a complete Cave Lion skeleton, estimated to be approximately 35,000 years old, in addition to other partial skeletons and skulls of panthers and bears, which the kids in particular were delighted to touch and hold in their hands. Which was one of the highlights of the visit according to another attendee, given the opportunity provided to kneel down and slide along some of the sections, get dirty and touch different archaeological items together with their kids, making the visit promoted by ULMA Foundation very enjoyable.