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Irene Alberdi President of General Counsel of ULMA Group.

We have to keep on advancing in the formation of a strong Group

Jul 30, 2013
We are beginning July 2013.

We have passed the assemblies of the cooperatives and of the ULMA Group. This year, as something extraordinary, just as we have been doing over the last years, from the bodies of the Group we have proposed the strengthening of estate situation of our cooperatives and the response was a majority favourable to the modification, as is already known. Once again, our partners have understood the primary need for the stability of our cooperatives and businesses. An element that has even more value if we consider the effect of the crisis on the majority of our businesses and the direct impact on the partners, with strong remuneration adjustments in the majority of cases and in employment in those more complicated situations. In this context, we have to congratulate our partners for demonstrating that cooperative values and culture are still in force in us.

For some time we have been working on the adaptation of our regulation to be able to approach from a stronger position both our needs for growth and our possible response to complicated situations like those we have had to live through. However, the real debate at group level -what Group we want on the medium-long term- is still open and it needs resolving in order to set the bases of our close future, at first, but above all for the medium and long term.

All that remains is to congratulate the partners for their demonstration that the values and corporate culture are still alive in us.

How can we conjugate and share the views and challenges we have as a Group? The needs like financing, employment, personal development, social responsibility, corporate culture, etc. Challenges and questions that have generated an important debate and that have led us to create a reflection group initially formed by the maximum representatives of each of our cooperatives. The final objective: define how we are going to resolve, as a Group, the challenges we have on the table and those that will arise. From shared positions, we will establish the bases for the possible solutions to the problems that in the short, medium and long terms we will come up against.

There will be those understanding that current needs are more linked to the daily routine of our business and the difficulties we are finding to maintain employment, to obtain orders, to obtain financing, to manage our needs on the international scene, etc. However, if we do not reach compromises and a joint vision in all these aspects, the possibility of mutual support that is part of belonging to a Group like ours weakens and loses strength. We have been and will continue to be different, but building from diversity is in our hands, we must take advantage of that and continue advancing in the constitution of a strong Group, where the businesses support each other in reaching their strategic challenges to assure their future viability and where the persons that form it find the professional and personal development that allows them to feel realised forming part of and sharing the objectives and values of this project called ULMA Group.